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Congratulations to Green Mania Bio for winning the "Rhinoceros" 2018 New Third Board Investment Annual Meeting

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On December 29th, hosted by Rhinoceros Star, HSBC as a financial partner, the “2018 New Third Board Investment Conference and SME CEO Summit” for SMEs was held at the International Conference Center of Kexing Science Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The summit brought together nearly 30 different industries, more than 200 entrepreneurial elites and more than 500 investment institutions.
   The summit unveiled many awards such as “2018 New Third Board Best Investment Institution”, “2018 New Third Board New Investment Institution” and “2018 New Third Board New Enterprise”.
   Through the perfect layout of the natural industrial chain, the green vines have achieved sales revenue and profit growth of 30%-50% for five consecutive years. They have been unanimously recognized by investment institutions and have been awarded the “Rhinocerostar” 2018 New Third Board Investment Annual Meeting.
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